Our Karate

About Goju Ryu

Goju Ryu means the Hard-Soft school of karate. It originated in the Naha area of Okinawa and was founded by Chojun Miyagi.

Martial arts practice in Okinawa goes back to the 14th Century and after weapons were banned in 1477 unarmed combat known as ‘Ti’ or ‘hand’ developed.

Over the years Ti became known as Karate meaning China Hand. The name was later changed by Japanese teachers to mean Empty Hand.

Our System

Exercises to motivate, build confidence and to develop suppleness, strength, stamina and relaxation.

Basic moves to provide a platform for the development of technique.

Self defence applications against armed and unarmed assailants, taken from the classical forms (Kata).

Teaching awareness of self and surroundings to improve confidence.

Individual coaching to promote success, tailored to match individual age and abilities of students

Suitable for all ages, male or female, without compromising the standard required to reach a required grade.

Promoting an understanding of the philosophy of Karate-Do, to promote inner calm

Ensure the effective techniques taught are only used for self defence in the last resort.

Kata, Bunkai and Self Defence

Our training centres around three elements – kata, bunkai and self defence applications.

Kata is a method of learning body skills by practicing interconnected sequences of movement. In Goju Ryu we study the following kata:

Gekisai Dai Ichi

Gekisai Dai Ni











Bunkai means to break down and explore, or analyse. Training with a partner we learn to understand the meaning behind the movements of kata.

Self defence is the use of karate in real-world situations. There are innumerable self defence applications derived from the study of kata.


Karate is excellent training for both body and mind. The study of martial arts is ultimately about not wanting to use them for real, but to strive to follow a path of peace. Our Dojo Kun (motto) is:





Self Control

The symbol on our badge reads doryoku which means ‘perseverence’.